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Pulse Diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha)

Pulse diagnosis is widely used for the diagnosis of imbalance of the doshas in the body and coming to a conclusion about the disease. It can accurately diagnose both physical as well as mental diseases along with imbalances in the body.

“Nadi” refers to pulse, nerves, veins, that sends messages between the body and the brain allowing to reach the root cause of health issue not merely addressing to the symptoms. The pulse diagnosis is significant due to:

  • Forewarns you about the potential health risks
  • Insight on how to optimize your health
  • Provides personalized and individual prognosis

Naturopathy Treatments

Kunjal Kriya

Stomach cleansing detox also called induced vomiting is beneficial in Acidity, Mucous, burning sensation, indigestion stomach cleansing and beneficial in psychosomatic diseases.

Naval Basti

Warm oil is place on the heart area of the chest. This treatment nourishes and strengthens the heart muscle and helps digest unresolved feelings and emotions.


Procedure to inject any fluid or solution into the large intestine through rectum for the purpose of Cleaning, Medication and Nourishment.

Jal Neti

Ultimate Nasal cleansing solution, beneficial in depression, anxiety, hairfall, headache along with any nasal track related problems.

Sutra Neti

Involved the act of cleaning your nasal cavity through a waxed cotton string.

Reflexology & Marma Therapy

Natural Remedies

Herbal remedies are the bases of a natural lifestyle where plants and other means of natural ingredients are used as medicines. We suggest customized herbal remedies with thorough diagnosis of an individual according to their doshas and vikruti (current imbalances)

Diet Plan

Food is the main source to fuel the body and a significant source of prana (energy). Certain foods can increase or decrease the level of prana varying from individuals. Taasir (Food Nature) increases and decreases at the certain 24-hour cycle of the day, seasons, and human lifespan controlling the levels of energy and plays a significant role in designing a balanced diet. We provide customized diet plan according to an individual dosha, vikruti, and taasir.

Ex: Banana: Its taasir is high in kapha. Kapha people should eat it in moderation, and everyone should avoid it at night. In winter, bananas are best avoided by kapha people.

Yoga & Pranayama

Yoga is the art of living a happy life which is done with the mind or body. Great Yogis control the mind and thought arising from it. According to Patanjali to stop the fluctuations in the mind is yoga. In naturopathy, yoga can be tailored to an individual’s body type and dosha.

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