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Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance

Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance



Product Details

Helps maintain healthy pH levels.*
Promotes digestive ease and comfort.*
Packed with celebrated chlorophyll-rich “super greens.*
Features beneficial botanically-sourced flavonoids.*
Must help or money refunded.*

Are you concerned that your diet may be too acidic? It probably is! Health experts suggest that an optimal diet should consist of more alkaline foods and less acidic ones, yet many staples of Western cuisine — like dairy, fish, meat, poultry and salt — fall into the latter category. Since our blood is naturally more alkaline, acidic foods are believed to create an imbalance that hinders the body’s ability to maintain peak wellness.*

Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance may help restore your natural pH neutral alkaline body state. It consists of a unique blend of vitality-supporting “super greens” and life-enhancing phytonutrients that help maintain ideal acid-alkaline stability.*

Acidic Stomach Alkaline Balance features an additional selection of natural ingredients, including the sulfur-rich compound MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), nutrient-filled spirulina and stomach-soothing aloe vera. These ingredients combine with our super-green botanical wonders to uphold healthy digestion and overall wellness.*


Ingredients: Alfalfa extract (leaf and stem), Spirulina (whole), MSM, Rosemary extract (leaf), Aloe vera extract (leaf), Chamomile extract (herb), Barberry extract (root), Cilantro extract (whole), Barley grass extract (leaf), Rheum officinale extract (root), Cassia extract (bark), Di-sodium phosphate anhydrous, Potassium carbonate anhydrous, Potassium sulfate, Sodium bicarbonate.

Alfalfa: A flowering plant classified as a legume, alfalfa has been incorporated for centuries into Asian culture, including Ayurvedic and Chinese wellness traditions that encourage overall health. Alfalfa is high in various antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, notably vitamin D, as well as chlorophyll and protein.*

Barley grass: Like wheatgrass, barley grass is the young, green version of its namesake grain. Containing even more nutrients than wheatgrass, barley grass is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids and chlorophyll. Since barley grass is associated with an alkaline effect on the body, it can help counter acidic foods and optimize pH balance.*

Chamomile: A member of the aster (daisy) family, chamomile has been revered for centuries in maintaining wellness, particularly in Europe and North America. Research suggests that chamomile, which contains beneficial flavonoids, has an overall calming effect that extends to easing both anxiety and indigestion.*

Cassia cinnamon: This renowned spice, which is harvested from the bark of cassia trees in Southeast Asia, has been utilized for ages to flavor food and drinks, as well as to support well-being in Chinese traditions. Studies have indicated that cassia cinnamon may help to maintain a healthy digestive system and balanced blood sugar levels.*

Suggested Use: Adults: If under 150 lbs, take 2 capsules per day. If over 150 lbs, take 2 capsules twice daily. What you eat and drink and how many capsules per day you take, will influence the results. Hippocrates wisdom:
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”*

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